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Come and be ‘At Home’ for our Poets’ Corner events at Leverhulme Hotel.

Once a month from 11.30 am to 1 pm we shall meet at Leverhulme Hotel and indulge our passion for poetry. This is for poetry-lovers everywhere, whether you love to read to an audience, or simply to sit and listen and enjoy some much-loved verses. Readers can give us some background on their chosen poem and tell us why it is one of their favourites, or they may want to tap into their own well of creativity and read one of their own poems. We will feature a different theme each month, and from time to time we will invite some of our own well-known local poets along to join us.

The cost of £5 per head includes free-flowing tea, coffee and biscuits, plus a 20% discount voucher to be redeemed against Leverhulme’s wonderful Afternoon Tea. (This would need to be booked in advance).


Tuesday 30th July:TRAVEL Travelling through time, or space, on foot or horseback, train, plane or automobile. Whatever the mode of transport or destination, there’s a poem to enjoy!

Tuesday 27th August :THE LIVERPOOL BEAT POETS The Liverpool poets, Adrian Henri, Roger McGough and Brian Patten began their careers in poetry by giving readings in the clubs and coffee bars of Liverpool in the 1960s, becoming part of the success of the Liverpool music, arts and culture scene of the era. They wrote their poetry to be read aloud, and their audiences were young Liverpudlians who might normally have attended pop concerts, but were now finding that poetry could be equally accessible and appealing.

Thursday 26th September: JOHN MASEFIELD John Masefield was Poet Laureate from 1930 until his death in1967.He is remembered as the author of the classic children’s novels The Midnight Folk and The Box of Delights, and poems, including ‘Tewkesbury Road’ and ‘On Eastnor Knoll’, and of course many seafaring verses.

Thursday 24th October : CHILLERS “From ghoulies and ghosties and long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night…” We love to be simultaneously entertained and terrified, so we have dug up (!) some bone-chilling verses which may haunt you long after you hear them.

Tuesday 26th November : POEMS FOR CHILDREN We all have our childhood favourites which bring back fond memories, often through a filter of endless hot summers. Press your nose to the windowpane and look into the room of those golden childhood days. Those “sweet childish days that were as long as twenty days are now” (Wordsworth – ‘To a Butterfly’)

Wednesday 18th December : CHRISTMAS
Did you know that many Christmas carols originated from famous Christmas poems penned by the likes of Martin Luther and Shakespeare? Our poems will bring alive the Christmas magic, adding a subtle touch of beauty and romance.

To Book please contact our reception on 0151 644 6655