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Set in the picturesque Garden Village of Port Sunlight on the Wirral peninsula, this grade 2-listed art deco boutique hotel is the very essence of the Contessa genre – a finely tuned blend of classic and contemporary influences that have come together in a stunning hotel than opened to critical acclaim following its restoration in 2008.


The building was originally opened in 1907 as a cottage hospital. It formed part of Lord Leverhulme’s philanthropic scheme for Port Sunlight, the pioneering estate designed to provide the very best social facilities for his workforce (and their families) at his neighbouring soap works. The village today is recognised as the finest example of its kind in the country.


Lord Leverhulme was the first industrailist to brand his products for mass consumption, thereby setting in train the foundations for modern-day marketing. He bought the rights to many of the paintings of his era and packaged his soap bars ‘Sunlight Soap’ in reproductions of the pictures he owned.


The Hotel, along with the Lady Lever Art Gallery – noted for its fine Wedgewood and Pre-Raphaelites collections – and Port Sunlight Museum form the centrepiece of Port Sunlight Garden Village today. Together they form a delightful triumvirate of treasures to be savoured and digested. The hotel is the ideal base from which to explore the delights of this fascinating legacy that stemmed from one man’s unrivalled vision.